[Mono-list] More status, classes almost build with /nostdlib

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
20 Jul 2001 00:55:45 -0400

Hey guys!

   Today I almost got corlib to compile cleanly with the /nostdlib
switch.  I added a bunch of classes which are mostly skeletons only,
and they will need some work.

   I think the build process will require some tweaking, because a lot
of the core functionality is missing, and that will render the
resulting assembly useless for testing purposes.  So I think I will
list non-finalized code or mono-dependant code into a `mono.src' file,
and keep in `common.src' only those parts that are fully working.
That way we can work on parallel.

   There are many new "skeleton" classes that need to be filled out,
but I do not want to register myself as the maintainer for those, as I
am not likely going to work on those in the short term (I only want
the whole thing to compile).

   So I guess I will post a list of files that are in `mono.src'.  And
probably I should do a new release tomorrow to get everyone on sync.