[Mono-list] Math precision.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
19 Jul 2001 21:34:49 -0400

> > 
> > 	Your implementation, although interesting is never going to be as
> > quick as the native versions of these functions built into modern
> > processors. A 'sin' is a handful of cycles and can be interleaved with
> > other floating point ops [ ok so not via PInvoke it can't :-], it would be
> > hundreds of times more efficient to just invoke the C routine which should
> > go to the co-proc.
> I thought the most basic profile of the CLR doesn't even include
> floating point support (according to the ECMA specs last time I looked).

This raises a new interesting topic, we could tweak the makefiles to
generate various DLLs depending on the target:

	make embedded
	make fullscalelibs
	make supertiny

Each target could control:

	1. List of classes to be shipped (for this particular
	   discussion, Math.cs could be a yes/no)

	2. A define that chooses algorithms (optimize for speed, or
           size for example). 

That being said, I think that keeping PInvoked Math makes sense,
because if you dont support sin/cos, you wont even ship Math.cs, so
the point is cow.  Because its moo.

> Which profile is Mono targetting?  This is not in the FAQ, but there are
> a quite a few issues which it raises.

My interest is to develop desktop apps.  Other people want web
services, so I guess we are targetting the `fat plus plus' version ;-)