[Mono-list] DotGNU oddness.

Norbert Bollow nb@thinkcoach.com
Fri, 20 Jul 2001 02:22:33 +0200

"John Barnette" <jbarn@httcb.net>

> Am I just smoking crack, or does DotGNU no longer have a web presence?


As far as I can see, the DotGNU website at http://dotgnu.org/
and also the mirror at http://www.gnu.org/projects/dotgnu/
are working fine.

BTW a little update (that is not on the website yet) -- It looks
very much now like we will want the DotGNU platform to
"natively" support multiple bytecode formats.  We plan to make it a
priority to have both a Java and an IL virtual machines, and then
to make it possible for other virtual machines to be added at a
later stage.

Greetings, Norbert.
(DotGNU webmaster, listadmin, and member of the DotGNU core team)

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