[Mono-list] corba questions

Sebastien Lambla sebastien.lambla@6sens.com
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:45:26 +0200


I think the CORBA support in mono has two aspects:

1. Accessing CORBA objects, that would need being able to generate CORBA
wrappers, which is quite similar to COM wrappers, using reflection to
construct a .net wrapper of the object from the IDL, and make the interop
transparent to the .net program. Writing it in pure C# would be a great
addition to mono and to the dotnet platform in general.
2. Accessing .net objects as corba objects. On this subject, I don't know
anything :-)

Sebastien Lambla

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i'm dealing extensively with corba and have recently become interested in
.net/mono. i saw on the projects page that a .net corba implementation would
be a viable and interesting project. i feel the same way, but i'm not
entirely sure i see how this could work. some questions i have:

- are you talking about a CLI orb (written in c# perhaps)?
- how would a corba implementation tie into that (would the idl compiler
to build c# code or the langauge bound compiler require a CLR backend?

actually, i'm not really sure what questions i need to ask... if anybody has
any perspective on this, i'd love to hear some ideas.

Andrew Sutton

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