[Mono-list] Installation Observations

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
18 Jul 2001 20:38:39 -0400

> 2) glib wouldn't build because of the "extern char *strsignal()..." in
> g_strsignal() in gstrfuncs.c.  I read the threads here to help figure this
> one out, and took the approach of commenting out the offending two lines.  I
> think that configure is defining HAVE_STRSIGNAL when it shouldn't, but I'm
> not sure where to look for that (yet :).

Look at the config.log file generated by glib, that will have a log of
why it thought it was ok to use.

> 3) Even thought glib was installed, when I tried to make mono, it told me
> that it didn't know where glib-config was.  This was confusing because this
> file was in the glib-1.2.10 directory that I unzipped.  What wasn't obvious
> was that it should be using the one that was placed in c:\mono\bin.  I added
> that directory to my PATH and all was well, but for a relative newbie this
> would probably be a total stumper.
Thanks for the report, I will update the web pages.