[Mono-list] MCS 17-July released

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Jul 2001 20:39:11 -0400

New class libraries have been released, thanks to everyone for the

* New Classes

	* System.Boolean and System.Convert from Derek

	* System.EventArgs from Michael.

	* System.Collections.Hashtable: Included Sergey's version, and
	  I did a small change (d.Count does not exist in

	* System.Stack from Garrett

	* AssemblyHash, AssemblyHashAlgorithm from Tomas.

	* System.Diagnostics classes from John.

	* StringReader, StringWriter, TextReader, TextWriter from
          Marcin (and they include nice tests! wooohoo!)

	* StringBuilder fixes from Marcin as well and a
          StringBuilderTest.  Slick stuff!

* The CVS server

	Our IT department promised to have my CVS server outside of
	the company firewall tonight.  I will try to work on setting
	up CVS tomorrow if this is the case.

	For those who are major contributors, I will be providing an
	SSH account that they can use with CVS to check in their
	changes to the tree directly, without going through me.

* Availability: