[Mono-list] RE: [Mono-list] Canīt compile Mono on cygwin

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Jul 2001 18:52:56 -0400

> This change to gstrfuncs.c seemed to allow the glib build to finish:

You could alternatively edit the config.h file that is generated after
running configure, and change:




It seems like the autoconf test did not figure this out correctly.
You can look at the config.log for a report on why it arrived to that
incorrect conclussion.

> Should these patches be necessary?

I think we could do this in a more generic way by putting this on the
acconfig.h file, but for now I have applied the patch directly.

> 3.  Now that it is built, I tried running mono-int and monodis against a
> trivial assembly whose sole class's Main() consists of one bytecode, ret.
> My build appears to SIGSEGV in load_metadata_ptrs, (assembly.c line 205), at
> the strncmp() of raw_metadata and "BSJB".  GDB says the buffer returned by
> mmap() in raw_buffer_load is an invalid address.  (However, the 'offset' and
> 'size' locals are correct.)  (Sorry if this is a red herring, I'm a GCC/GDB
> newbie.)

I wonder if mmap() is supported at all by Cygwin.  I am going to try
this next.

The code has special support for dealing with failing mmaps by loading
the file into memory.  Can you single step through raw_buffer_load and
see what it does?