[Mono-list] What is the proper procedure for creating the classes?

Scott Sanders scott@stonecobra.com
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 23:09:49 -0700

Do I have to hand write everything that I implement, or can I be copying and
pasting from the ECMA submission docs, or working some XSLT magic on the
12.4MB class library file, etc?

Are there any shortcuts, or is it all hand coding?
If there are shortcuts, what documents/resources can I use for this purpose?

Also, can we copy the documentation of the classes/interfaces, or do we have
to come up with our own version of the text describe what a method does?

I do not want to invalidate the work that Mono is trying to do, but I also
do not want to duplicate work if I do not have to.

Scott Sanders