[Mono-list] Sunday snapshot available.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
15 Jul 2001 22:04:06 -0400

Hey guys,

   I promise I will not be doing these so often once we have the CVS
server up.  In the meantime:

	* MCS

		Sean got the classes to compile in a single go.  You
		will need CygWin (www.cygwin.org) to compile though
		(GNU make and stuff is required).

		System.Xml.XmlReader contribution from Jason
		(WOOHHOO!!).  It also contains a nice test-suite for
		his functions, and in his new code bit, his
		implementation is faster than Microsoft's

		We now ship `jay' as part of the distribution to allow
		you to compile the compiler with the same `make'
		command.  Small fixes to the parser as well were

	* Mono 0.4

		Paolo's interpreter supports call instructions and has
		the test suite program that he posted about.

		All documentation ships now in the mono-0.4.tar.gz 


	As usual, MCS is targeted to be compiled on a Windows machine
	(you will need Cygwin).

	Mono is targeted to be compiled on a Unix machine or a Windows
	machine running Cygwin.