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Patrik Torstensson
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 18:28:30 +0200

Yes, it has but it also has gains that the unmanaged code doesn't like
GC. I missunderstod the discussion because I that he was asking a
question about the possibilities not the overhead. He should not be
dubious because there is a common type system, and it runns C++ etc,

And regarding the MC++ gain or lost, it depends on what kind of C/C++
code you run. I had a discussion with Ronald L on the VC++ Compiler team
about this and really, in some cases you gain performance running under
managed code. The most common case is that you will lose 2-7% with
managed code.

- Patrik

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>Still, you can compile managed c++ code and avoid the overhead.

Not correct. Managed code always has additional overhead over unmanaged
code -- compiled or not.

> >First, there is a lot of marketing hype surrounding
> >C#/.NET. Microsoft claims that it "runs C++" and
> >that its runtime is "common", and that it is
> >intrinsically much more efficient. I find those
> >claims dubious, but haven't made up my mind yet.
> >There are some differences between the JVM and the
> >CLR, but they are pretty localized.
>Check your sources. You should be dubious.
>Microsoft has made it clear that there is additional
>overhead for running managed code vs. unmanaged code.
>They hope it will be only a few percent difference.

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