[Mono-list] Quick C# question..

Tomas Restrepo tomasr@mvps.org
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 08:31:53 -0500

Hi Marci,
> I spent about half an hour searching through the framework docs to no
> avail and want to know if there is anything like (vaguely pseudocode
> follows) " Object foo = new CreateObject( "MyObject" )"  ie, can you
> dynamically create objects?  More practically, the string in
> CreateObject would be a variable.  I know you can do it for COM objects,
> but can you do it for managed .NET framework objects?

Yes, there is. That functionality is found in the System.Activator class,
with the bunch of CreateInstanceXXXX() methods it contains.

Tomas Restrepo