[Mono-list] makefile fixes

Sean MacIsaac macisaac@ximian.com
15 Jul 2001 02:39:21 -0400


i have fixed (at least for a while) the makefile system.  i have also
made it so that almost all of files that have been commited to date
compile (the execeptions are String and Calendar).  A brief explanation:

'make windows' in the top level directory now makes the compiler and the
class libraries.

mcs/jay contains the jay port to c# that miguel made
mcs/mcs contains the current version of the compiler
mcs/class contains the class libraries

within each subdirectory of mcs/class, such as corlib, there is a single
directory for each namespace.

inside of a namespace directory (mcs/class/corlib/System) contains 3
instructional files, common.src, windows.src, and unix.src.  each .cs
file goes into 1 of these files.  sources which do not rely on pinvoke
should go in common.src, sources that rely on windows dlls should go
into windows.src, etc.  so if you have a compilable class we will add it
to the appropriate .src file, and if not we can still commit without
breaking the build.

note that the build process requires gnu make, gcc, etc.  these can be
installed from http://www.cygwin.com/.  the only other thing that may be
necessary is changing the path of csc.exe if you are on a windows
98/me/xp system or have your winnt directory on a drive other than c.

i don't have access to push a new snapshot of the cvs tree to the web
page, but i promise that the cvs server is coming soon (and miguel will
soon push the other things that have been done in the mean time).