[Mono-list] Web Forms, Apache module mod_asp.net?

Jay Freeman (saurik) saurik@saurik.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:42:42 -0500


Actually, that is what I meant.  When I said "work closely with Costin on
Jakarta" I didn't mean actually be _part_ of Jakarta :-).  The idea is that
if there were two engines (as opposed to a single one that worked on both
platform), it would be a shame if they diverged much.  I have done research
in the past about approaching Apache with a project such as this, but
noticed the requirement that there be two groups of people interested in it
(rather than the one person I was at the time).

About your second point, I agree with that (and have stated so in the past:
http://lists.saurik.net/message.xsp?id=62 , Phase 3; I also go into a few
more of the similarities).  With a Java compiler for .NET it could likely be
done quite easily with the same core but a different Facade for the
HttpModule work.  I've been quite impressed in the past with the modularity
of Jakarta's code.

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> As an Apache member, I can tell you that what you describe would likely be
> very welcome there.
> Unfortunately, as Chair of the Jakarta Project Management Committee, I can
> tell you that it is not likely to find a home within Jakarta.  The mission
> of Jakarta is focused specifically on Java.
> A plan with much more chance of success would be to propose a project
> is a peer to, and parallels Jakarta.
> Something that I would personally find immensely more satisfying - is to
> actually find a way to host the actual Jakarta projects on top of the Mono
> runtime.  And, for that matter, the xml.apache.org projects, such as
> Cocoon.  ;-)
> - Sam Ruby