[Mono-list] Web Forms, Apache module mod_asp.net?

Jay Freeman (saurik) saurik@saurik.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:14:08 -0500


I am actually advocating making the entire ASP.NET application server an
Apache project, one little part of this being a teensy weensy little Apache
module that talks to the application server.  This is the case with Jakarta,
which is also an Apache project.  They have connectors for IIS, Netscape
Enterprise Server, etc.  Really, if we speak AJP (which is a rather generic
protocol for application servers despite the name: Apache JServ Protocol) we
wouldn't even need to write the Apache module or connectors for most other
webservers as they are all already written.

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> Jay,
> I agree with the apache collaboration on the .net classes, and as an
> project only for the apache module.
> Thanks for the link and the info, I'll get on it next week.
> Sebastien Lambla