[Mono-list] Contributing to the classes.

Sebastien Lambla sebastien.lambla@6sens.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 21:05:56 -0700


using ILDASM is a must have when you have a lot of class with very few
documentation as it's the case with the webform part (which class call what,
when and why). If there's documentation, then it's great, but for
implementing all the propreties, methods and fields of a class, without IL
DASM, i don't want to rely on falty and incomplete documentation.

Moreover, the Microsoft articles themselves say to use ILDASM to see what's
behind the class library...

Sebastien Lambla

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> Nope. I'm working on the webforms class today, so documentation + IL DASM
> are the only tools available...

Please do not use ILDASM to figure out how classes in .NET work at
all.   That might make your code encumbered.

I have updated the web site to reflect this recommendation.