[Mono-list] A "Native" CLI

Kunle Odutola kunle.odutola@virgin.net
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 12:20:42 +0100

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> Subject: [Mono-list] A "Native" CLI
> Hi,
> 	Has anyone pointed out/discussed that MS might be planning to
> replace WindowsCE (or whatever it is called this week :-) by a
> natively-hosted
> version of the .NET runtime?

The Compact .NET framework. It already exists (according to MS statements to
ECMA) although I am unaware of it's public availability status.

> It would also mean that "desktop" applications could run
> (resources permitting) on
> PDAs without modification.
> Of course, one would need a wireless link to talk to the hated
> Passport servers....

The .NET platform has no reliance on Passport. Passport/HailStorm are
orthogonal issues/technologies.

> Perhaps a native version of Mono should be considered for PDAs
> too? (Although I agree
> that this is, perhaps, a rather early stage to be thinking about
> such things :-)

Definitely. As in this should be considered as a definite mid-term goal.

> Perhaps this makes sense of why MS should be pushing a processor
> indepence strategy
> just when the Wintel monopoly of the desktop is so well
> established! I bet Intel are wondering
> too..... :-)

I suspect MS's motivation was:
- Sun's tight control coupled with it's aggressive positioning of Java
- diversification in the Intel line (Itanium != x86)
- cross-Windows-OS platform indepedence (i.e. CE/PocketPC, 9x/Me,

> Martin
> PS
> 	Has any one else pointed out the similarity between C# and
> Inferno's Limbo language
> (Interface-based programming, JIT compilation, easy network
> services, etc)? As I noted in
> http://www.zdnet.com/tlkbck/comment/22/0,7056,114376-874919,00.htm
l, the CLR is really
"just" a JIT version of ANDF :-), but like ANDF, also misses out on ANDF's
more sophisticated

There are similarities but, it is more likely that .NET is MS's
(re-)implemenation of OmniVM which it got when it acquired OmniWare in 1996.
C# the language is influenced mostly by C/C++/Java IMO.