[Mono-list] Updates on Ximian's end

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
11 Jul 2001 19:34:53 -0400

Hello guys,

  I have been keeping the web site up to date (specially the FAQ) to
keep track of all the questions you have been asking here.

  Btw, yesterday Paolo Molaro wrote a small `mono-vm' which can run a
small fibonacci program compiled on Windows in Linux.  So that is

  As of tomorrow I am back to working on actual Mono implementation
after three weeks of doing Mono-auxiliary work (like maintaining the
web page of yours ;-).  Also, I hope to have by monday a CVS server
setup for Mono at Ximian where people will be able to track live the
changes and contributions.

  On the JIT side of things: I will spend the weekend figuring out our
strategy regarding ORP and other approaches like LBURG and GBURG.
Given the special requirements of CIL on the byte codes generated it
seems pretty obvious that an LBURG/GBURG approach for our JIT will be
a better approach than using existing Java-based JITers (ORP and Kaffe

  Basically I will be writing a code generator generator for this
specific task (for more details read the `A retargeting C compiler'
book which goes in depth into those issues).