[Mono-list] Class Libraries and Portable.NET

Scott Sanders scott@stonecobra.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 16:15:22 -0700

I have gone and taken a look at Portable.net
(http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net.html), and I have to ask why
we would not work with this from the class library perspective
(http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net_lib.html)?  The class library
is separated from the other components, and headway has already been made on
many of the System classes.  It is also under the GPL.  Upon a cursory
inspection, it seems that we should be able to use most/all of
Portable.NET's class libraries.  Is this the case, or am I missing something

I understand Portable.NET's approach to the CLI might be different than that
of Mono's.
So the question is, why are we re-inventing the wheel WRT the class
libraries? Or are we at the same point and we should converge regarding

Scott Sanders