[Mono-list] So is GPL really viral after all?

Michael Poole poole@troilus.org
11 Jul 2001 18:35:15 -0400

"Bob Salita" <bsalita@hotmail.com> writes:

> Are we reaching a consensus that GPL and LGPL are as viral as
> whatstheirnames say it is? At least in a mono situation.

If anyone is, it's probably through FUD.  GPL really is only viral if
there's no non-viral substitute for it, or if you package stuff
depending on GPLed stuff with the GPLed stuff.  LGPL isn't viral --
you have to provide source for any changes you make to the LGPL'ed
component itself, but that's the component itself; and you are not
allowed (at all) to distribute software unless the end user can relink
the LGPL'ed components in.

In an environment like Mono (or Java), where dynamic linking is the
norm rather than the exception, it becomes much easier to "relink" an
application to use a newer (or different) LGPL'ed component it depends

-- Michael