[Mono-list] Toolkit for System.WinForms, and how to deal wi

David Gardner david@pipco.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:54:25 GMT

On 7/11/01, 5:35:31 PM, Brian Mastenbrook <cbm067@email.mot.com> wrote 
regarding Re: [Mono-list] Toolkit for System.WinForms, and how to deal wi:

> But I have both GNOME and KDE on a system that I administer for multiple 
> Shouldn't my Mono/.NET programs adapt to the desktop that the user is 
> *right now* as opposed to assuming the user is the only user on their 
> who only uses one desktop? While ./configure is the way to *enable* 
> I'm not sure it's the way to select them.

I have GNOME and KDE running simultaneously, so correct context selection 
of desktop environment would be useful to me. That said, I'd rather have 
a well-working GNOME implementation than two half-broken ones.