[Mono-list] Gcc front-end?

Scott Sanders scott@stonecobra.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 09:44:20 -0700

> > I believe native code is cached during a single session (but not between
> > reboots) -- others think it isn't the case, but it seems to be that way
> > to me.
> I'm one of the others.  What makes you think that?
> I'm pretty sure you are wrong.  In the MS implementation, native
> code is cached during a single process, but it is not shared between
> multiple invocations of the same executable (even if they are running
> concurrently), unless you use the install-time compiler (ngen.exe).
> If you use that, then the results persist across reboots.

I believe that it is cached, purely from the perspective that a simple
HelloWorld program takes 2 seconds to run the first time, and any time after
that, it runs in a few milliseconds, until I reboot/log out.

Scott Sanders