[Mono-list] Web Forms, Apache module mod_asp.net?

Sebastien Lambla sebastien.lambla@6sens.com
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:20:23 +0200

<< Surely that would be for the apache module to handle? Certainly not
for the web forms classes themselves, as ultimately they just generate HTML,
no? >>

I think it would be better to simply process all requests for the aspx files
to a .net module written in C#, it would be far better for portability and
for handling all the internals.
Moreover, ASP.net generate HTML or whatever document type you'd want to
include, but it can modify headers, authentication is to be handled in
conformance to the .config file (which is XML), 404 error messages are also
defined in this file... Actually, the module would get the request, process
the full response, and throw it back to Apache which just send it on the
connection. That's how the ISAPI .net module is working on top of .net as I

Sebastien Lambla