[Mono-list] I want to get in on this.

Kunle Odutola kunle.odutola@virgin.net
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 14:00:48 +0100

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> > This is incorrect. The VB.NET language is mostly compatible with VB6's
> > dialect of the VB language. It is possible to produce a VB6.NET and a
> > VB.NET compiler in fact although the vastly different platform
> API in VB6
> > might pose some serious problems.
> How can they be "mostly compatible" and have "vastly different APIs"?

The syntax & semantics of both languages are "mostly compatible". One is an
evolution of the other.

The platform APIs are different. One was targetted at Win32, the other at
the .NET platform.

> The may be syntactically similar (but by no means the same), but
> this is only
> superficial. VB.NET is an entirely new, different language.

Not at all. It is just the latest iteration of VB from MS.