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Interesting... yacc... how are you dealing with collapsed Next structures
using yacc (as it shouldn't be fundamentally capable of this)?

For X = 1 To 10
For Y = 1 To 20
Next Y, X

I have been looking into building a VB6 compiler for .NET for a while (as it
would be quite useful for legacy code, seeing that the update wizard isn't
able to convert all code, yet strange enough to throw into a bank of
"arcane" compilers such as BrainFuck for a laugh, which I released a simple
.NET compiler for last night), rooting through old compiler and parser
mailing lists looking for people who have talked about this before.  Some
people mentioned you could mess with the trees before it goes into yacc, but
the general concenses among the few people who worked for companies that
have actually been proven to have accomplished this feat was that you should
just go with something more powerful than bison/yacc (I believe someone
mentioned that ANTLR's predicates might make it up to the task, but I might
have remembered that incorreclty).

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> So, if you're interested in seeing the GB grammar file, you can
> find it in the CVS module 'gb' in gb/grammar.y. It is fairly clean and
> self explanatory so perhaps you'd like to take a look.
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