[Mono-list] Bonobo/Corba and mono

Martin Coxall martin.coxall@itouch.co.uk
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 10:49:16 +0100

> > Mono isn't a component system, so it won't be replacing Bonobo.
> Well, I wish it will ;-)
> At least we will provide hooks when running on Unix to talk to Bonobo.

I guess we'll just rewrite the COM interop classes to be BONOBO interop?

For that matter, why not have DCOP interop as well? Put aside all that 
KDE/GNOME bickering in the name of peace and harmony.

I am sure that Trolltech could also reimplement System.Windows.Forms classes, 
so that people can choose whether they have Mono use GTK+ or QT.

Oh, the harmony.


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