[Mono-list] Don't forget the desktop

Pablo Baena pbaena@uol.com.ar
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 00:03:08 +0000

OK, although nobody answered my question about the future of Bonobo, I 
kept reading the list and I have an idea now. It seems good stuff 
indeed! I'm just afraid that this project will not leave enough 
resources for the desktop.

I mentioned that I use Gnome from the very beginnings, and been 
following its development and see it mature, and it is in a good status 
right now, but it still needs improvement. It isn't usable as Kde 2.x is 
(I use Gnome 1.4x from debian unstable, maybe redhat's another story), 
and lacks documentation (I'm starting to program in gnome with C++ and 
it is really hard to find some information about it, and the API isn't 
so well documented as the plain C libraries). Esound doesn't work for 
me, but artsd does, and konqueror is very well integrated with 
everything. I'm not saying that gnome is worst than Kde, but it needs 
more work on it.

Before anyone mentions it, yes, in the documentation side, being a 
beginner I think I can help in this field and I'll do it if time permits 
me. Also I'd love to be more experienced to help in the areas I think 
need improvement.

I just wanted to share my opinion, I'll continue using Gnome in the 
future and keep learning to develop on it. Ximian has all my trust, I 
know that you are doing what is best. Just dont forget the desktop, all 
lusers like me will be grateful.