[Mono-list] Organizational questions

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Jul 2001 19:27:19 -0400

> Are you going to have a dedicated person to manage the
> .NET framework project?  Part-time or full-time - but
> someone who's not doing a lot of development so they
> can focus on moving the project along?

I would love to have volunteers that make sure that things move along
in various parts of the project.

I am the manager for the Ximian team that will be working on Mono, so
we will be maintaining at least a roadmap of the things we consider to
be on the critical path and that we will be actively working on.

Other areas (class libraries at this point, and more when we know more
about those) should greatly benefit from a volunteer. 

> Is there going to be a site (more than the current
> status pages) where we can see the status of various
> items and find small bite-sized projects that are
> available?  (Which class libraries need writing, for
> example.)

We will be doing this.  Paolo already has a script, but we need to
start testing and building the libraries (they currently dont build)
(since the script uses System.Reflection to track the status of our

Other important tasks are for me to stop going to meetings (I am
booked all week on talking to potential partners about Mono) and to
get things on SourceForge this week.