[Mono-list] System.Xml

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Jul 2001 19:19:10 -0400

> 1) Instead of rewriting everything from Java to C# (JXTA was mentioned
> previously, now Xalan/Xerces), why not write a Java2IL compiler once and be
> done with it?

I think we want sources to the implementation.  A Java2IL might not
have all the features we want:

	* Full compatibility with the .NET API.
		Properties, Attributes dropped
		We need that to be fully compatible with .NET
	* Inline documentation.

Java2IL might be a useful toolkit addition for those who want to port
code to the CIL platform, but for the .NET classes, I think that we
might have to have our own implemetnation (if reusing/porting is what
it takes, thats fine with me)

> 2) It is not clear that the Apache License is GPL-compatible.  That being
> said, the current Apache license is a BSD license without the advertising
> clause (see http://www.ximian.com/mono/faq.html, question 13).

It would be compatible in this case.