[Mono-list] Perplexed and intrigued by ECMA licensing of .Net

Stefan Arentz stefan.arentz@soze.com
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 22:54:06 +0200

> Sorry for the confusion.  At some point the Mono implementation will diverge
> from the MS one.  Mono would be unable to support certain class libraries as
> they are heavily reliant on Windows (DirectX, Windows GDI+, etc).  This
> means that some of Mono's class library structure would be different.  I
> imagine the hope is that the runtime, compilers, il etc.. would all be
> compliant.  I was asking where the dividing line should be?  For example,
> should Mono's sockets class look more like Microsoft's or Java's?

Aren't objects like that part of the standard runtime that we are trying
to duplicate?