[Mono-list] Bonobo/Corba and mono

Pablo Baena pablob@manes.netverk.com.ar
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:42:59 +0000

Hi! I have a question. I've been following Gnome since the early 
beginnings, and I never understood (nor did I put much effort to) which 
part of Bonobo or Corba take account in making Gnome components, but 
they (combined or not) finally do that. Now it seems that mono will 
replace it.

I've been reading that Gnome 2.0 is thought to be using Bonobo 
exhaustively. What will happen now?? In Gnome 4.0 everything will be 
replaced by mono?

As a side note, I really think this will be good for Ximian and Linux in 
general. We know that this stuff, like it or not, will be adopted by the 
market and thus, having a good implementation for our OSes will make 
them more popular.