[Mono-list] On porting to C#

Casey Cady casey@sarahandcasey.com
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 17:06:22 -0700

Substitute "badly designed" with "immature" and
I'll completely agree with you. :)   I see potential in the
CodeDOM namespace but currently it needs a big fat flashing
red warning saying "I cheat!!!".

(For those that don't know about the CodeDOM namespace, it
allows you to programatically represent source code.  You can then
dump the CodeDOM to a source file, or compile it to MSIL.  The huge
catch is that  Microsoft's implementation of the CodeDOM compiler
simply spits out c# code and compiles it externally with the plain old


On Monday, July 9, 2001, at 03:58 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>> Besides,   it's probably much easier just to throw together a Java
>> compiler that uses the CodeDOM and Reflection.Emit stuff as an MSIL
>> puker than it is to write a Byte code converter, which, IMHO, misses 
>> the
>> point of the CLR.
> CodeDOM is sadly a badly designed piece of code.  It is not really
> useful for a compiler, it is mostly a tool for creating C# source
> code, but the tree later gets passed on to an external C# compiler.
> Reflection.Emit on the other hand is really nice
> Miguel.