[Mono-list] Contributing to the classes.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
09 Jul 2001 19:30:40 -0400

(Paolo look at the end)

There are a number of people who are interested in contributing to the
class libraries in Mono.  

Here is how we can organize this work:

	1. Pick a class that you want to implement.  

	2. Post to the list `I am implementing XXX, and I estimate it
           will take YYY days' (please, try to have a good estimate).

	3. We will keep track of this (actually, we need a volunteer
           to keep track of this).

	4. If YYY days pass and we do not hear from you, we will
           "release" the class to other contributors and assume you
           got too busy to implement it.

	5. I will put up a web page with the "ownerships" of the
           various classes that are being worked on so people can
           track it

	6. If you finish your class, post it to the list, or mail me
           your implementation and I will put it up. 

(Paolo, do you think we can use a version of your script to keep track
of this?)