[Mono-list] Open Fire :-)

Martin Coxall martin.coxall@itouch.co.uk
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 15:06:38 +0100

On Monday 09 July 2001  2:39 pm, Adriano Galano wrote:
> Hi:
> Well are you saying at
> http://www.ximian.com/mono/ideas.html that propose JXTA. I don't wan't a
> flamewar but ...
> why not Freenet (http://freenet.sourceforge.net)?

The two aren't really comparable are they? JXTA is an infrastructure for 
creating P2P systems. Freenet is a distributed, anonymous, intelligent 
temporary storage and distribution mechanism.

JXTA's classes could be ported to Mono, and Freenet could be easily ported to 
c# (I assume, it's Java). The two would not interfere with each other at all.


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