[Mono-list] Jit compiler

adc shark@blueyonder.co.uk
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 13:16:02 +0000

 I have downloaded the latest anonCVS and I am trying to run the disassembler on some of the tests in the tests directory. Once I have compiled these with the Microsoft C# compiler I execute, for example
./monodis ../tests/ackermann.exe

but I recieve an error about an assertion in loader.c at line 73.
This assertion asserts that the assembly has been opened without error (which it obviously hasn't) the error appears to be happening in the mono_image_open function in image.c. This seems to happen with every executable I throw at it, even extremely simple programs.

Do we have some tests CLI executables which are loaded by the metadata library somewhere that I can get my hands on?

I ask as for my disertation I am going to investigate the worthiness of writing an assembler from CIL executables to native code executables, what optimisations etc can be gained by the fact that we no longer have compilation speed as a major restriction (obviously we don't want a compiler that takes forever but it would then be of less concern).