[Mono-list] setup

David Dawkins david@dawkins.st
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:47:14 -0000

Hi Charlie,

looks like we have the same setup. I've just installed WinXP, the latest
cygwin, the beta2 SDK, and mono-0.7/mcs-0.7.

I've had to patch a couple of things, but I'm still having a some problems
running the interpreter (mint). However, I have been able to disassemble
my hello-world program (hooray!)

You might want to install the graphical vim editor, which you can get
as a binary from the VIM site.


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> Sorry if this is a faq question.. (I did read the faq on the website
> though ;p )
> Just curious what I need to get started.. I'm assuming no one is
> devloping under linux yet? 
> So I just need : 
> - cygwin
> - .net framework sdk beta2
> - win2k &/or winxp pro
> - latest anoncvs checkout (or latest release)
> Any hints, tips, gotchas, other neat software (I'm not used to
> developing in windows) or help?
> This looks like a great project. 
> Thanks and Happy holidays!
> -charlie
> P.s. As a current java developer on linux, I have always made extensive
> use of the "javadocs", e.g. the html api that comes with the JDK. Is
> there an equivalent way to view the c# api? (other than using wincv)
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