[Mono-list] Mono and MSIL

Alex Graveley alex@ximian.com
13 Dec 2001 18:25:23 -0500


On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 11:41, A Rafael D Teixeira wrote:
> >From: Tom.Prendergast@smed.com
> >Ultimately, it would be very interesting to have J# generating MSIL
> >that could run on Linux and other Unix variants (via your mono runtime).
> For that to happen, someone has to implement the false JDK, that Visual J# 
> uses. I say false, because it has all the old-versioned JDK Classes, but is 
> MSIL code, not Java Bytecodes. No one volunteered until now for that task, 
> or opened a parallel project to that end.

Actually this should just be a matter of writing a Java to MSIL
compiler, and reusing an existing open-source class library.


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