[Mono-list] Installation Problems

Dylan Proulx dproulx@carl.org
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:38:48 -0700

Hello all,
  I attempted to compile the compiler on Windows NT.  Then I read Dr. Dobbs
and learned that I needed Cygwin.  Since I'm a one-OS per computer kind of
person,  I don't want to put an artificial UNIX system on NT.  I also don't
have enough space for the entire Visual Studio .NET version.  So is it
theoretically possible to compile using just the Framework?
    If so, would it be beneficial to create a series of scripts that could
make the project, specific to NT?

In addition, I tried the classic "Hello World" C# application, and compiled
it with csc.  I attempted to run the assembly on my Linux box, and I was
confronted with: fileloader.c, line 69 (mono_init) Assert failed
(MONO_IMAGE_OK)   [?].  Stepping through the code, I noticed it was
attempting to load CorLib.Dll.  Should this file exist?