[Mono-list] completly OT question on America...

Lloyd Dupont lloyd@galador.net
Fri, 07 Dec 2001 03:15:53 +0100

sorry, i don't won't to importunate you, but i am curious and believe 
lot of people here could advice me and have better information than i 
have from france...

I am in a travelling mood. soon i will go to Australia, but i wonder 
about America.
Is it easy to go in USA (for working) when you are French or Australian 
? (i am both...)

Does informatic still offer lot of opportunities ?
Could i just come and see to work ?
Is california a good place to start ?
A friend advice me San Diego as a marvellous town, is it also good for 
work ?

Hum, as it is really completly OT, you should better reply directly to 
me only...

ok, i hope i do not disturb you too much...
thanks all...