[Mono-list] ECMA compliance

Smith, Scott D scott.d.smith@intel.com
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 08:06:33 -0800

Hi All,

OCL 0.2.0 has been converted to ANSI encoding, which should help those who
could not open the Unicode encoded files in the previous download.  To
download a copy of OCL 0.2.0 in ANSI encoding, go to:

and download:


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> 	1. If necessary, merge the OCL files into Mono's directory
>          structure (mcs/class/<assembly>/<namespace>) with added
>          extensions (probably Foo.cs.ocl)

I am not sure why we would like to have those duplicated files?  Do you
suggest we have Hashtable.cs and Hashtable.cs.ocl?  

That does not seem very useful, I think I am miss-understanding what you
want to do.

> 	2. Add OCL classes that are missing from Mono by simply
>          renaming and checking in.

That sounds reasonable.  Note that Sergey also has a script that we can
use to generate those classes (and it generates utf8 not utf16, which is
a lot more useful ;-)

> 	3. Merge other classes (for the sake of documentation and
>          exact signature conformance).

Please avoid doing this.  Keep the documentation on separate files (I
posted the details on a separate message and there is a long thread last
week on the rationale for this).

> I was thinking that checking in the OCL classes with a different extension
> in the correct directory and then asking maintainers to do a manual merge
> might be a good way to go about this.

This is not really useful.  

We have an automated tool that can compare the signatures of public
APIs.  We might as well just compare the signature of the OCL library
against ours and ask people to fix their code.


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