[Mono-list] Mono 0.6 has been released

Paolo Molaro lupus@debian.org
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 10:52:50 +0200

On 08/23/01 Garrett Rooney wrote:
> it passes the smoke test.  a do-nothing program (literally the only
> thing in the Main() is return) runs fine.  granted, it doesn't do
> much, but it doesn't crash either.
> unfortunately, it isn't all good news.  hello world crashes.  it spits
> out 3 lines of this:
> ** WARNING **: fixme: wrong size for value type
> (which appears to come from line 1664 of metadata.c, right next to a
> big fixme comment...  then this
> ** ERROR **: file class.c: line 464 (mono_class_get): should not be reached
> then aborts, dumping core.
> line 464 is in mono_class_get, and is the bottom of the switch, so
> something is definately wrong here.

There are several places that are marked with an assert () because a
feature is not fully implemented. They are there so that we notice
missing bits as we go and fix them as needed.
Anyway, if you could post your test programs, I can have a look at what is
wrong executing them and add them to the regression tests so that
the bug doesn't resurface once it's fixed.

> another small program i tried (a simple fibinacci sequence) dies in
> mono_get_method, at line 363 of loader.c, trying to look something up
> in the method_cache hash table.

Same here, care to send my way your test program (the c# source).


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