Fw: [Mono-list] beta 1 v. beta 2.

Nick Hynes Nick Hynes" <nick_hynes@bigfoot.com
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:41:05 +1200

Thanks for the advice guys,

now more silly questions  :-}

 I have a choice of Win98, or SuSE 6.4 as a development environment.

 Don't have VMWare set up, and have had a headache installing anything that
isn't specifically a SuSE rpm.

The M$ site says I need NT4 or >, is this so?

Is there any good reason for doing this work on Linux from the start? As I
understand it I will have to fork out on an NT4 license either way - is that

Has anyone had any luck using the SDK on Win98? I can probably pick the
license up second hand, but it's a nice irony that I've held out on buying
one until now!!! It could be a whole new angle in the M$ marketing gambit -
"buy Windows and become an open source developer".

- Nick.
("Terrible is the desire to do good." - Brecht)