[CoreTeam]Re: [Mono-list] Re: C# class library

Norbert Bollow nb@freedevelopers.net
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 03:33:52 +0200

Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com> wrote (in reply to me):

> > Sure, you said that before.  But may I remind you of these
> > questions that have so far remained unanswered?
> I can answer those questions, but they seem mostly of religious
> nature.  And I honestly find them offensive.
> > a) Are you willing to work together more closely with a Free
> >    Software initiave like DotGNU than you would for example work
> >    together with "EvilCompany"?
> I find you making this question offensive.  I have worked for six
> years straight writing free software.  
> I am also not interested in demonizing anyone.  Including Microsoft.

I certainly did not intend to offend you... I have been
surprised though that your offer to DotGNU was nothing more than
the exact same level of cooperation that you also offer to
"Kaffe, IBM, ORP, EvilCompany" (your words).  I am referring to
this passage from one of your earlier emails:

: As I have said in the past, the class library for Mono can be used by
: anyone who feels like using it.  If changes and improvements need to
: happen to it to allow other runtimes to use it that is fine with us.
: Anyone could use this as their class library, DotGNU, Kaffe, IBM, ORP,
: EvilCompany, they can all use the class libraries for their JIT
: engine.  You can even use it for embedded work.  

Suppose Mono says "everyone should use our lib and contribute to
it", and DotGNU also says "everyone should use our lib and
contribute to it" -- would you consider that a desirable
situation?  Or would it be better to meet somewhere in the middle?

Greetings, Norbert.

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