[Mono-list] First Snapshot of MonoBASIC

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Aug 2001 12:05:55 -0400

> Is there a source/build distribution of Miguel's version of Jay (for C#) for
> a pure Windows machine (i.e. no cygwin etc) ?. A version that builds with
> VC++ would be nice. I'm constrained to do all Mono dev on a pure .NET server
> box so, no can-do Java, Cygwin....

Jay is now bundled with the `mcs' module (part of the snapshots).

I am starting to realize that maybe we should start putting up
binaries of various pieces up as well:

	* Pre-compiled Class Libraries (so Linux-only people can try
          the runtime).

	* Pre-compiled Jay compiler for Windows users.  

Anything else?

I will work on this when I get back to Boston on Sunday, as my net
connection right now is over a modem line and I am not ready to start
uploading daily DLLs from here ;-)