[Mono-list] Remote Compiling

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Aug 2001 19:42:44 -0400

Hey Derek!

   Thanks a lot for setting this service up!  It is really excellent.
I know there are various people trying to contribute but without
access to a Windows machine.  This is greatly appreciated.

> The machine is a standalone server. All it has on it is a web server and the
> .NET Framework. It'd be pointless to hack or break.

   Do you think we should mention this on the FAQ, or on the web site?

> 	  "C:\Some\Where\Source.cs" or "/home/someone/Source.cs"
> and get "Source.cs" from it, I'd appreciate it and have the output done
> properly off uploaded names.

Mhm.  I am not familiar with the .NET regexp code, but in Sed, you can

sed 's#.*[\\/]##'

Maybe what you want is a regexp like this:


In Perl the $1 variable would contain the file name.

Best wishes,