[Mono-list] Re: [DotGNU]Who is working on the IL VM?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Aug 2001 14:36:16 -0400

> Miguel, would it work for you to make the C# class library a GNU
> project and to work together with the DotGNU Steering Committee
> to make sure that this class library meets the needs of the
> DotGNU project as well as the needs of the Mono project?

As I have said in the past, the class library for Mono can be used by
anyone who feels like using it.  If changes and improvements need to
happen to it to allow other runtimes to use it that is fine with us.
Anyone could use this as their class library, DotGNU, Kaffe, IBM, ORP,
EvilCompany, they can all use the class libraries for their JIT
engine.  You can even use it for embedded work.  

They need to make changes, they can do them.  They want to integrate
that into the build, that is fine, as long as they keep support for
other runtimes.