[Mono-list] Mono/dotGNU Love-In Proposals

Martin Coxall martin.coxall@itouch.co.uk
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 14:00:57 +0100

> oh come on.  i seriously doubt there are a whole lot of people who have a
> problem with Mono because its not a 'part of an official GNU project'.
> personally, if someone does have a problem with it, i'm having a great deal
> of difficulty caring.

No, some people are suspicious of this project because of it's relation to 
Ximian. Fact: Many people in the community don't trust Ximian because of it 
being a private enterprise whose first duty is to make its owners wealthy, 
not to ensure the good of the community.

Now, I believe Ximian to be an entirely honourable company, so I am not 
saying these things out of spite. Read what Slashdot posters had to say about 
Mono if you don't believe me.

Simply, Mono has an image problem, a trust problem, and dotGNU offers an easy 
way to fix it. In any case, is/was there any point to the venom in your post, 
Garrett? Did you disagree with any of my proposals explicitly? Please, let's 
try to keep this civil, for the good of all involved.

Are you saying there would be an active disadvantage to Ximian being a GNU 
project, rather than one dependent on Ximian? I am, after all, not suggesting 
for a moment that Ximian have nothing to do with Mono, merely that we state 
(and act accordingly) that Mono is an integral part of the dotGNU project.

After all, GNU built a better UNIX than UNIX, so if dotGNU can build a better 
.NET than .NET, surely Mono should want to be a part of that?


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