[Mono-list] Mono/dotGNU Love-In Proposals

Martin Coxall martin.coxall@itouch.co.uk
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:18:57 +0100

> So far this kind of dialogue has not happened, and this lack of
> communication is the only real problem that I can see as far as
> Mono is concerned  --  and that is only a very small problem
> when I compare it to the huge threat presented by Microsoft's
> Hailstorm.
> I feel that continuing this debate about potential cooperation
> between DotGNU and Mono will make sense only if Miguel is
> interested in participating in the discussion.

I agree absolutely. The dotGNU people have some interesting ideas, which, 
while they may be out of the scope of Mono, could certainly use the 
cooperation and assistance of Mono hackers, and indeed could build on and 
around Mono.

For that to happen, there has to be an *open* discussion between Mono, P.Net 
and dotGNU people about how these projects slot together. I make these 
specific recommendations:

1) Everybody in Mono, dotGNU and Portable.Net forgive and forget any past 
transgressions or foolish behaviour on the part of hackers for any other 

2) The Mono Project should be considered a de facto part of the dotGNU 
project, much the same way as happened with Portable.NET recently. Whilst 
Ximian will maintain much of the development work, the free software and open 
source community at large will trust Mono a great deal more if it is seen as 
being part of an official GNU project, rather than the child of a private 
enterprise (albeit with FSF blessing).

3) A mailing list should be set up where we can discuss the issues 
surrounding the interaction between Mono and dotGNU, and have an open and 
frank discussion about architectural issues relating to the integration and 
cooperation between these two projects with the aim of them becoming as one.

4) Make Miguel part of the dotGNU core team. You might grow to trust him and 
vice versa. All this FUD and suspicion is hurting us all, except the Beast of 
Redmond. Trust me, I know... <g>

5) Let's stop duplication of effort. If Rhys Weatherley has already written a 
working IL DASM, then please let's use that? We can write c# versions later 
when we've got a working dotGNUPortableMononetKaffe out the door and 
Microsoft quivering in a corner. In the meantime, can we really afford the 
duplicated effort?

6) dotGNU update their web page to include full details of their planned 
pluggable VM architecture, so that we Mono hackers can see the proposals, see 
how they "embrace and extend" the Mono runtime for the good of the community, 
and how Mono will be needed to cooperate to ensure that its work is 
compatible with dotGNU's plans for the good of all of the projects and the 
free software community.

7) Everybody gather round for a big ascii hug.

I don't think any of these proposals are unreasonable, but if you do, feel 
free to disagree. Personally, I think we need to get these issues hammered 
out before either project goes much further down their respective routes, and 
we start potentially harming each other.



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