[Mono-list] A couple of questions...

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj@ximian.com
14 Aug 2001 13:42:40 -0400

Since I wrote the String class, I guess it's appropriate for me to

Yes, Mono uses Unicode 16 (which is what the spec calls for).

As for your first question:

I don't see why not. Obviously we want to be portable, and since we are
starting off in the Win32 environment, we might as well keep that code
up to date throughout development.

Also, since we are writing the C# classes in C#, portability shouldn't
be all that complicated (except for a little bit here and there that we
need to use PInvoke for).


On 14 Aug 2001 06:56:56 -0500, develop wrote:
> 1. Although I realize we are developing in a windows environment until the
> tools reach a point we can move to a Linux platform, are we really targeting
> windows as a platform for Mono after that point?
> 2. I am fairly certain that the native type for "string" in Microsoft's .NET
> will be UNICODE. Will this be the case with Mono or will we opt for ANSI
> strings to be the native "string" type?
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