[Mono-list] Food for thought...

Ricardo Amadeo Contreras aztlan2k@yahoo.com
14 Aug 2001 12:27:28 -0500

On 14 Aug 2001 06:50:00 -0500, Jim Richardson wrote:
> A searchable archive of this mailing list would be a great boon for an old
> fellow like myself who finds that his memory (along with several other
> aspects of his life), isn't as sharp as it once was.


why is it that the gnome.org mailing lists are searchable but not the
ximian.com mailing lists?  it's probably because:

	ximian.com  mailman v1.1
	gnome.org   mailman v2.0.5

it would definitely help the evolution mailing list right now as it is
approaching v1.0 release.  people can better search previous posts for
problems/solutions, and to see if something has already been


P.S.  with age my memory seems to be failing also ... must be a caching
problem. ;o)

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