[Mono-list] Mono and Bonobo

Andy Tai atai@atai.org
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 12:43:38 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, this is more a GNOME question than Mono question,
but one has to question it.  Ximian is the major force
behind Bonobo, the GNOME component framework.  Bonobo
has just passed 1.0 and not many people outside Ximian
are using Bonobo yet, although Bonobo has the promise
to revolutionarize Unix (Unix-specific!) applcation
development.  Bonobo, being more low level and C
based, does not provide the kind of cross-platform
functionalities JavaBeans provide, or .NET provides. 
But now Ximian is havily pushing Mono, which I assume
has (or will have) its own component architecture kind
of like JavaBeans rather than COM or Bonobo.  Ximian
did state that Bonobo and Mono can be connected via
bridges, but that will have more overhead (for
applications) compared to, say, native Bonobo
applications.  Just as Bonobo is ready for the world,
Ximian switches the focus or mindshare to the .NET
architecture.  One has to worry if Bonobo will be set
aside, and application developers who would have used
Bonobo would now jump to Mono. 

GNOME needs Bonobo in its competition with KDE's
KParts (or whatever it is called these days) for the
dominance of Unix desktop, and for Unix's desktop
expansion against Microsoft. But one has to wonder if
Bonobo will go the way of OpenDOC, which IBM dropped
in favor of JavaBeans.

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